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Miso Cosmetic Acupuncture

Professional, safe, gentle and natural anti-aging
Cosmetic Acupuncture treatment 

to lift and contour the face for more definition,
and promote firmness, elasticity of your skin.

A wow-factor treatment for Editor-in-Chief of
The Denizen Magazine

"And I have to be honest, I was pretty gobsmacked.
The symmetry of my face was completely off. The side without needles is down and
slightly droopy, with a very prominent nasal labial fold.
While the other side, which is still filled with needles, is puffy, free of lines and wrinkles

- definitely a vast improvement."


 - by Claire Sulivan-Kraus, as featured in Winter Issue 2021, The Denizen Magazine

Softens Fine lines and wrinkles

Tones and tightens fascia muscle

Stimulate Collagen Production

Even out the skin tone

Improves Complexion

Hydrates & softens the skin

Brightens skin with glow

Depuff and relieves swelling

Reduce redness & inflammation 

Pain Free & Natural

No side effects & safe

Nap while skin rejuvenates, 

why not?

Our Mission

Supporting women's health and wellbeing by women.
We wish to empower women through professional Traditional Chinese medicine & Acupuncture treatments, knowledge, and lifestyle tips throughout all different stages of life from puberty, menses, fertility, pregnancy, post-partum & menopause for elegance and confidence manifested from an inner health balance.

Kind Words

First time doing acupuncture and cupping - the whole process from assessment through to treatment with Amy was welcoming, informative and pain-free.
Highly recommend it to all first-timers, as also found her approach gentle and reassuring. Definitely going back for follow-up sessions.


Jacqueline N

Origins Lifestyle

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