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Cosmetic facial acupuncture is a form of acupuncture treatment inserting extremely fine needles into facial muscles areas for stimulation & the insertion of needles in the skin causes a gentle and controlled microtrauma on the skin to induce & stimulate collagen production elasticity and really lift & firm the skin.  

At Origins Acupuncture, we use the theory of unique Miso F.A.C.E Acupuncture curated by Dr. Song from Korea since year 2000, hence our charges are slightly higher than other cosmetic acupuncture treatments for its effectiveness. This method has been educated and re-known in America, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, etc. 


Miso FACE Acupuncture also promotes circulation, which gives a radiant and glowing effect to the skin and leaves the face with a better complexion. 

Acupressure points along varied meridian (energy) channels may also be used which is tailored for each individual depending on their lifestyle, diet, emotion such as stress, etc.

A consultation is given at the start before the treatment to determine the treatment plan....

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Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture

 Miso F.A.C.E acupuncturist in Auckland - Facial Acupuncture for ​Charm and Elegance

Trial $90 | 90min $180 | 



Specializing in skin conditions, Pain relief, Women's Health, Fertility and Digestive conditions

ACC provider 


Acupuncture is a method of inserting sterile single-use needles into selected energy points (acupressure points) that runs along Jing Luo(energy channels), which is used to activate or regulate the circulation of qi (energy) and xue (blood) which balances the function of the zang-fu organ or relieve the pain.

Usually an acupuncture treatment starts with a consultation including questions about any chill or fever, diet, bowel motion or urination, lifestyle etc, tongue and pulse diagnosis to determine your body constitution and your health conditions. 


Then the treatment begins by inserting the needles to obtain the qi, in which needle sensations can be felt. Needle sensations may be felt during treatment such as a dull ache, throbbing heavy sensation, numbness or tinglingness, occasionally a one-second shock passing through are all considered normal.

The needles will then be retained for 20-40 minutes (to allow qi to be activated and regulated)  and lastly withdrawn and disposed of  afterwards. 

During an acupuncture treatment may the use of moxa (Artemisia), or cupping if needed after acupuncture. 

Each treatment takes approx. 45-60 minutes. Short 30min lunch break treatments also available for booking.
Food intake is recommended to avoid needle fainting which may occur if you are too nervous, too tired or too hungry. 


ACC Initial 60min $30 | ACC follow-up 60min $20 |
Private Initial 60min $90 | Priviate follow-up 60min $70 | Private 30min $50


Just Cupping

Detoxifying, tension and stress relieving, promotes blood & lymphatic circulation


Cupping is an ancient form of medicinal treatment that uses vacuum suction cup locally to help relieve any tension, respiratory conditions, stress, muscle aches and pains and also used for detoxifying treatment.

During the cupping session, the suction cup will be applied on the skin and you will feel a little bit of tightness and suction. This will only be left on the skin for as little to seconds to 3 minutes to avoid potential of blistering. 


After cupping, you may expect a bruise-like mark called "Sha"  which are rashes for the toxins to escape.
They are usually a light pink to dull purplish-red colour depending on the tension of your muscle, and will then disappear and fade gradually. The marks usually lasts for 4-5 days.

If you are prone to bruising, then it may last 7-10 days.

You may also feel tired and/or sore on the day after cupping to the next 1-2 days, which are all normal reactions and process of promoted blood circulation and detoxification.


We avoid performing cupping treatments on pregnant women, children with high fever, clients who experience spasms, convulsions, dizziness and vertigo; Areas such as neck and where the main arteries, small cuts and wounds are avoided.  

25min $45