Our COVID-19 Protocols 
to keep you safe and comfortable

During this important time, other staff members sharing the clinic space and guests' safety and health is the first priority, we are doing everything thing we can to maintain high hygiene standards and follow protocols. 

These are what we are doing to ensure your safety when you come to the clinic:

1. All surfaces are cleaned and wiped down with alcohol and disinfectants before, between each client and after the last treatment. 

2. Paywave is available in the clinic and recommended for use (instead of cash or card swipe) to reduce contact.

3. Hand sanitiser are available in the waiting room; single use paper towels as well as hand wash dispenser have been installed in common areas such as the and bathroom.
Please use these before entering the clinic space and after leaving the bathroom.

4. I will still be offering tea and water using paper cups for your refreshment before and after treatment. 

5. Extra time (30 min -1 hour) between appointments will be made to allow the room to be thoroughly sanitised between each and after service. 

6. I will be limiting number of clients to 5 - 6 per day to monitor number people in and out of the clinic space and contact. 

7. I will be wearing a mask while in clinic space. Masks will be required when you come for your appointment. 

8. All bedding will be changed after each service and laundered thoroughly daily.

9. Disposable headbands & facetowels will be used temporarily during cosmetic acupuncture treatment. 

10. You will be asked to sign COVID-19 form upon entering and leaving the clinic room. 

11. Cancellation policy have been waived, but we ask you to let us know in advance if possible and reschedule if you are feeling unwell, have been in contact with someone who may have COVID-19 symptoms or travelled in the last 14 days. Also please let us know if you have recently just recovered from COVID-19. Alternative treatment methods (ie. herbal prescriptions) may be suggested whenever needed or appropriate.
Please understand if we have asked you to leave the appointment upon arriving & reschedule you to another time if you are feeling unwell for your comfort as well as our staff's and other client's safety and comfort sharing the same clinic space.