Founder of
Origins Acupuncture

Founder of Origins Acupuncture

Since young, Amy grew up with a family background in Chinese medicine, her father was a pharmacist and a practitioner in both Western and Chinese medicine with profound knowledge. She has always had a passion for health and beauty and dreamed of one day starting a clinic of her own, specializing in cosmetic acupuncture and helping women to feel their best whether in health or skin. 

Amy graduated from NZ College of Chinese Medicine with a Bachelor's degree in Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture, as well as obtaining a Beauty Specialist certificate from the International College of Camille in 2015.

With more than 5 years of experience in treating patients for a wide range of health and skin conditions, she wanted to combine her two areas of expertise to offer unique and effective treatments that enhance one’s beauty and well-being at the same time.

Amy is a member of New Zealand Acupuncture Standards Authoriy Inc. (NZASA) and an ACC Provider.

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Womens Health Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine


Supporting Women
by  woman

Promote holistic approach of eastern medicine practice to support women in health. 

Access & Simplicity

Establish a network of support as a community for every woman across a diverse culture to find traditional Chinese medicine more modern, accessible, and easy to do to adapt in your busy day-to-day living for health maintenance, what we call in Chinese 'Yang Sheng' ( literal definition: "Nurture life")

All stages of life

We aim to support the community, especially women across all age and stages of life: from puberty, menstruation, fertility, pregnancy, postnatal support & confinement care to menopause.


Your glow is our happiness.

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The idea of traditional Chinese medicine is holistic. We are closely connected with the principle of nature and the universe.
What is external reflects on the internal status of the body; what is internal manifests externally. This connection is across the three levels physically, mentally and spiritually.


Once we can connect with ourselves internally, whether physically, mentally, or emotionally and make adjustments; Engage with nature and change our habits and mindsets then naturally our health and well-being will be in balance.


Once achieving the first two steps, the vitality of youth, motherhood, even old age will radiate as a result. To be able to breathe and take on the beauty of life with elegance and confidence.