What is Miso F.A.C.E acupuncture?

FACE Facial Acupuncture for Charm and Elegance is a  Korean medical treatment by acupuncture.

FACE has the aim on natural improvement not on artificial changes.

Amy has trained with Dr. Song & Dr. Tam, and also attending various seminars and conferences with professionals and experts in cosmetic acupuncture, Amy combines effective methods, mainly using Miso Facial Acupuncture (also known as F.A.C.E treatments overseas in Asia, based on deep understanding of facial structure acquiring high degree of training with very thin needles to lessen pain when providing treatment) & various cosmetic acupuncture techniques together to achieve an effective result visible after each treatment session. 

Different to any other cosmetic acupuncture which commonly use 0.16mm-0.20mm needles and is said to be painless, we use much more thinner needle, 0.10-0.14mm that is thinner than our hair - This requires higher degree of technique and training to master the application of these thinner needles in order to stimulate the muscle, fascia, acupuncture meridians, muscle along the meridians, and dermis layer of the skin to restore the circulation, elasticity using a natural method to rejuvenate the skin. The skins circulation and muscle are interconnected. Hence by using a gentle method of needling to promote circulation and glow, increase elasticity, lift and firm the skin to bring gentle but effective changes for the skin. 

Cosmetic surgeries and injectables in the current times have an efficient result in face-lifting and wrinkle removal, however it is only a "follow-up" action also exposing the individual to a higher chance of side effects, which often cannot be reversed and can appear to be more unnatural at times.  





Cosmetic acupuncture acts as a natural preventative intervention to signs of premature aging and soften wrinkles by stimulating deep meridians and muscles to activate facial muscle and structure of ligaments as treatment points. It is a safe, gentle & natural anti-aging treatment that enhances beauty and well-being at the same time.

  • Beauty - It can soften fine lines, lift sagging fascia and increase firmness, boost circulation to make your skin glow and brightened. Clients who have had cosmetic acupuncture treatment comes back saying there is an obvious change in improved skin tone, the skin is more hydrated and supple, also glowing after their first treatment. 

  • Well-being - it addresses both wellbeing at the same time which also helps to treat acne & skin problems such as scarring etc. 

Cosmetic Acupuncture works on 3 levels: 1. Blood circulation 2. Anti-aging 3. Muscle toning

1. Blood circulation: The insertion of fine needles in the face promotes blood flow, therefore increases oxygen flow which brings more nutrients to the facial area.

2. Anti-aging: The insertion of fine needles into the skin during cosmetic acupuncture causes microtrauma in the skin, and makes the skin think it needs to "heal what is broken", thus resulting in the anti-aging effect by stimulating collagen and elastin production, making the skin firmer and tighter.

3. Muscle Toning: Muscle tone is improved to cure sagging and drooping when we get older, by using motor points in local fascia or other corresponding muscle areas to "lift" the muscle. The same method is also used to relax muscle tension where facial muscles have been stressed over repetitive action, eg. frown line. 

  1. Natural

  2. No Side Effect

  3. Consistent

  4. Pain Free

  5. Less Wrinkles with Brighter skin

  6. Return to daily routine

  7. Uses extraordinary thinner needles than usual cosmetic acupuncture treatments which require high degree of training


Features of Miso FACE acupuncture: