What is FACE Acupuncture?

FACE Acupuncture is a form of facial or cosmetic acupuncture treatment using extremely fine needles into facial muscles areas to cause a gentle and controlled microtrauma on the skin to induce & stimulate collagen production for elasticity and really lift & firm the skin.

This method also promotes circulation, which gives a radiant and glowing effect to the skin and leaves the face with a better complexion.

I also use acupressure points along varied meridian (energy) channels are also used which is tailored for each individual depending on their lifestyle, diet, emotion such as stress, etc. A consultation is given at the start before the treatment to determine the treatment plan.

What would I expect after the treatment?

FACE Acupuncture treatments is a natural therapy that is used to balance the energy in your facial area and body to help with circulation. Therefore the effect is not as dramatic and obvious as botox and injectables. However, you will be able to feel the difference after treatment with tightness and a gentle lift in your skin - the droopiness in your skin will be improved, as well as skin would become smooth and finer with improved complexion.

How long does the treatment effect last? How frequent should I have the treatment?

The effect varies from person to person depending on the condition of the skin from before your treatment to your lifestyle and skin care routine.

The skin and face reflects what we eat, how we sleep, our emotions, the condition of our qi and blood circulation and how our zang fu organs are functioning as well.

However, after the treatment you will still be able to feel the difference on your skin with subtle tightness on areas where we have treated.

Usually for a faster improvement of the skin, the recommended treatment frequency is twice a week to start off with, then reduce to once a week and then once fortnightly.

Casual monthly treatments can be done thereafter.

Alternatively, once or twice a month treatments can be done in combination with our Bespoke Facial Ritual in between for maintenance for your skin's elasticity and complexion.  

(A post will be coming soon for the Bespoke Facial Ritual!)

Are there any side effects to the treatment?

There are no side effects from the FACE acupuncture treatment, especially looking over at a long term effect comparing to botox and injectables, it only helps to improve and balance your health.

Sometimes when the needle is withdrawn, there may be a tiny blood spotting which may leave a small bruise on the skin for a few days.

This can be unavoidable as there are small capillaries in our face which may not be seen to the eye.

What is included in the treatment?

The treatment includes the cosmetic acupuncture treatment itself and then followed by a facial, including deep cleanse, exfoliation and a relaxing massage.

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