Have you done cupping before? And wondered what it does for your health and how it works, what it means?

Cupping is part of traditional Chinese medicine therapy scope placing vacuum cups on the skin over local areas of discomfort or acupressure points. The Vaccum suction draws circulation, as well as accumulated toxins inside the body to the surface of the local area and by releasing the suction it also helps to release the local tension.

Different areas on the back are the various acupressure points that pertain to certain zang fu organs

After cupping it is common to have cupping marks. Different cupping marks give indication to your current body condition (shown in third picture)

Grey/ faint pink: Excess cold or deficient qi (energy) and blood

Pink: healthy circulation

Pink with water vapor on surface of the skin or inside the cupping: There is excess dampness inside the body.

Bright Red: There is excess heat within the body

Purplish Dim Red: the Qi and blood circulation is poor leading to Qi stagnation and blood stasis over time.

Dark purplish red with dark purplish red spots or bumps on skin: accumulated toxins within the body.

Sometimes after cupping you may find there can be an itch on the skin that cannot be relieved temporarily, this is normal as the toxins are drawn from within the body to the superficial layer of the skin.

The elderly, people who have bleeding disorders, bone fracture, skin lesion, heart , emphysema or extremely fatigued are contraindicated to having cupping.

What was your cupping experience like ?

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