LOMOJI Fly High - TCM Herbal Bath & Foot Soak

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\ The circulatory savior of sitting office workers! /

Do you spend long hours sitting in front of the computer? Our Fly High Herbal Bath & Foot Soak will help promote circulation to ease obesity and swelling in the lower body that is often linked to extensive sitting. Our key ingredient includes ginger and albizziae cortex. Ginger is known to promote metabolism while albizziae cortex is known to help with sleep. Believe it or not, metabolism has a close connection with the quality of our sleep. As our body waste is metabolized, our sleep will improve which leads to a greater overall well-being.

Ingredients: dried ginger, albizziae cortex (mimosa tree bark/hehuanpi), sappan wood(su mu), silvery wormwood(mugwort), angelica roots, milk vetch, dangshen(pilose asiabell root)

Chinese herbal baths have been known for thousands of years for their health benefits:
✔ Improves metabolic circulation
✔ Helps with cold hands and feet
✔ Promotes metabolism
✔ Relaxes the mind and body
✔ Helps with sleep

✔ Increases body temperature by 1℃, which has been shown by research to boost our immunity by 5 times!


1. After package has been opened, please store in a cool and dry place to avoid moisture.

2. Do not use when on an empty stomach, after drinking alcohol, or after strenuous exercise. Enjoy our bath and soaks after one hour after meal time.

3. Do not use if you have active allergies, high blood pressure, physical discomfort, or open wounds. 4. Not suitable for using during pregnancy, menstrual periods, or people with high blood pressure. 5. Please stop using if any skin abnormalities occur (e.g. itching, redness, swelling etc.) and consult a doctor immediately. 6. Our products contain natural Chinese herbs that are more colorful, so staining may sometimes occur. To avoid staining, drain the bathtub after each use.

LOMOJI Taiwan aims to promote the health and well-being of all people by creating 100% natural herbal tea derived from Chinese medicinal herbs. We commit to our promise of delivering products free of chemical additives and for this, our herbal tea has been recognized by Chinese medicine practitioners and nutritionists as a trusted brand that has helped more than 180,000 women.

25g x 4

Made in Taiwan

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