What is Acupuncture?

Herbal Prescription

Acupuncture is a scope practice in Traditional Chinese medicine therapy (TCM), 

which may also at times involve cupping, moxibustion, and Traditional Chinese herbal prescription. 

The practice of TCM is based on 4 fundamental materials of the body which are Jing (Essence), Qi (Energy), Shen (Spirit) and Jing Luo (Meridian Pathways). 

Jing refers to the essential substance, including Tian Gui that is responsible for the immaterial soul and physical body of a person. It is stored in the kidneys and regulates the growth, development, and reproduction.

Qi refers to the breath or energy , an intangible substance that is vital for life, it is also known as the life force. 

Shen refers to the mind, the spirit, will, and senses, the governor of the life activities. It includes, the Shen (mind), Po (Corporeal soul), Hun (Ethereal soul), Yi (Intenion & thoughts), Zhi (The will)

Jing Luo refers to the meridian pathways that connect different regions of the body, between the outer to the inner; the upper to the lower; organs to organs, organs to viceras, and orificies. These are the pathways in which the energy, blood, fluid and substances in the body travel by. They pair up, inter and cross link with each other. 

Acupuncture is a scope of practice that involves the insertion of needles into certain energy points (acupressure points) located along different meridian pathways, in order to stimulate the qi and blood, to activate and promote free flow in 

the body thus regain balance, relieve pain, regulate zang-fu organs, and treat or prevent diseases.

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Acupuncture Treatments for ACC and Southern Cross Body Care Module are available.

Amy is a member of the New Zealand Acupuncture Standards Authority (NZASA). 



Traditional Chinese medicine often involves the use of traditional Chinese herbs with acupuncture to maximize your treatment effects.

At Origins Acupuncture, we use only certified Chinese medicine concentrate herbal powders from Taiwan, that are safe and sanitary. They're known to meet or exceed national health and safety standards, sold and used by practitioners across Europe, United States, Asia, and Australia. 

The medicines are customized and prescribed according to each individuals' body constitution and condition after a consultation and diagnosis. 

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