What do we treat:

Miso Face Acupuncture brings 7 benefits for your skin and youthful look:


  1. Reduce the tension of facial muscles and restore the elasticity to soften the fine lines. It has the effect of increasing blood circulation which naturally promotes collagen production, lifts and firms the skin, and brings natural moisture balance and glow to the skin with a brightened complexion.

  2. Naso-labial Folds/ Laugh lines 
    Tension in the muscle causes loss of elasticity and the support of the epidermis, which then results in the nasolabial folds. Using the Miso FACE acupuncture can restore the muscle toning to soften the laugh lines.

  3. Fine line around the eyes and dark circles  
    The periorbital area is thin skin with blood vessels, as we age the circulation becomes poorer and muscle atrophy occurs, Miso FACE acupuncture can be used to restore muscle toning around the eyes. In the perspective of Chinese medicine, dark circles are formed by the accumulation of phlegm retention and blood stasis, facial acupuncture can regulate the phlegm retention and the meridian channels around the eyes to remove obstructed circulation and assist the fat tissues to drain the phlegm retention out to lighten the dark circles. 

  4. V Line/ Jawline
    The Masseter is the key to the jawline - using Miso FACE acupuncture, the masseter can be stimulated and treated to present a finer jawline and bring out a beautiful facial structure.

  5. Lifting and firming of the skin
    The sagging of the skin is caused by the impaired balance of the muscle. Miso FACE acupuncture can help to restore muscle atrophy as well as relieving muscle contracture to firm and lift the skin. 

  6. Facial Asymmetry
    Aging and acquired lifestyle or facial nerve conditions causes the facial muscles structures to change and become asymmetric, this is a natural part of aging - The cartilage continues to grow as you age, which may cause asymmetry.  

  7. Frown Lines
    Excessive facial expressions over long time causes contraction of the frontal muscle and results in frown lines. Cosmetic acupuncture can help to relieve the tension of the frontal muscle (forehead) and its nearing muscle groups to soften the lines and rejuvenate the forehead area.

Sagging, drooping skin, loss of firmness and preventative aging

Sagging and drooping skin is caused by the loss of elasticity of the skin tissues in the face. Cosmetic acupuncture stimulates collagen production, elastin and skin tissue renewal process by regenerating fibres; it also gives a firmer appearance to the face as it lifts local areas, strengthen and tightens the muscle. 

After treatment the skin would feel firmer and denser in 4-5 weeks time. 

Dryness, flakiness and dullness & uneven skin tone

The insertion of needles inco local areas of the skin promotes local blood flow and revitalises the health of the skin and connective tissue in the skin, which is vital for feeding the nutrient and retain moisture in the skin. The treatment helps your skin to hydrate from the inside out!

Pimples, acne, acne scarring and scars 

Acne and pimples are treated from the internal perspective in chinese medicine, which is generally caused by blood stagnation & heat in the body. A thorough assessment and consultation will be carried out to determine the cause and treatment to eliminate the root cause of acne. 

Acne usually occurs and lasts for about a weeks time, but inflammation and dark coloured scarring are abnormal process of skin healing, and is related with disharmony and unbalance in the body internally.

Tension in the face (TMJ)

Stress is common amongst our present lifestyles today, which causes tension in our face without us noticing it ourselves, such as frown-lines on the forehead or furrow between the brows. 

Cosmetic acupuncture treatments helps to target tight muscles, which will help to relax and release the muscle as well wel rebalancing the body. A consultation will be done to assess and find out the root causes and help your body to feel relaxed.