After your first treatment you should usually be able to start feeling changes in your skin, which should be maintained soon after with follow-up treatments. 

Results usually depends on different person's ability in response to the facial acupuncture stimulation and treatment. The more healthier you are the most faster and better the results will be, as the body will be functioning at its best and so the response will be quicker and more efficient compared to someone who's lifestyle and well-being is poor in contrast. 

Treatment Timeline

1-2 weeks of treatment: skin feels more hydrated, softened and brightened. 

4-6 weeks of treatments: skin begins to feel more lifted, tightened and firm.

Clients who have come after the first treatment usually finds a change in muscle tone, more prominent jaw line, firmness and improvement in skin tone. 

How many sessions of treatment?

Everybody's response to treatment differ from person to person, but as mentioned before, the improvement in skin tone and complexion can be seen after first treatment. 

Results are more visible after 6-8 treatments, usually a course of 6-10 treatment is recommended. After a course of (6-10) treatment is completed, maintenance treatment can be done every 4-8 weeks. By keeping the treatments up, the result can last up to years.